This year we will change the route. We will get back soon with the new trail .

The Zarnesti Challenge Semimaraton Route starts from the center of Zarnesti, followed by Mitopolit I. Metianu Street, in a slight descent, after about 1 km turns to stranga on the 13th of December, crosses the Barsa River and enters the Celulozes street to km 2.5 where it enters the Tohan Blocs which he runs on the main street until he reaches DN 73A that he will cross.
This is where the asphalt road ends (km 3.5), entering the Brazilor Street on a paved road for 300 m, after which the route suddenly winds up to the steep slope and enters the beech and coniferous forests.
After about 600 m of steep climb, the highest point of the Cros (at half will be two higher points) at about 850 m altitude in the area of ​​the former observer.
The trail follows the hill following a slight descent and climb, followed by a 3 km sloping and descending slope on the hillside of the hill, and after about 1 km the sprint route turns left and follows descent, leaves the forest and reaches finish, the road of the other two tracks going out of the woods and turning to a big glade from Bucegi and Postavarul.
After this descent follows the forest road and approx. km 8.5 the roads are separated, the crosse rolls and the semi-right.
The cross route goes along the forest edge, and in 1.5 km it ends up on the Brebina route.
The semimarathon continues climbing into the forest with approx. 100 m difference in level, descends and crosses the Brebina brook, reaches the limit of Poiana Marului, has some ups and downs, then reaches the highest point of the route at about 900 m alt. in the Ranch pension area, then descend and climb again two wooded hills with a 100 m difference each, followed by a portion of the relative pay to finish on the Brebina route.

Zarnesti Challenge semi-marathon, both semi and cross are running tests WITHOUT OBSTACLES!

Semimaraton 21.5 km
– Total climb : 929 m
– Total descent : 936 m
– Lowest point : 679 m alt
– Highest point : 890 m alt

Cross 10 km
– Total climb : 299 m
– Total descent : 312 m
– Lowest point : 679 m alt
– Highest point : 842 m alt

Sprint 5 km
– Total climb : 200 m
– Total descent : 205 m
– Lowest point : 679 m alt
– Highest point : 842 m alt